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The production facilities are located in the heart of the former industrial center of the GDR.
Until 2012 it was home of one of the best and most reliable printing machine production lines.


1881 Establishment of JC and H. Dietrich embroidery machinery factory, this establishes Vomag machines.
1896 Design and production of the printer rolling machine of Rotaplana.
1897 Development and construction of the first rolling machine with 400 employees.
1906 Finishing of the 100th unit of these machines. Vomag is the first company to produce big specialized rolling machines for production of books and calendars.
1912 First rolling offset machine of the world.
1946 Foundation of the company ‘Plauener Maschinenbau Gesellschaft mbH’, Plamag with 500 employees.
1967 HYPERSET 1700: Transition from letterpress printing to offset printing for newspaper printing finished.
1990 First business relations during DRUPA 1990 with MAN Roland. Completion of transferal of all company shares from the Treuhand to MAN Roland on 01.07.1990. Renaming to MAN Plamag Druckmaschinen GmbH.
2001 Merging of MAN Plamag Druckmaschinen AG with MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG.
Since 1990 Investments of a total of 86 Million Euro. The factory is furnished with state-of-the-art machinery and extremely well mobilized for the future.
2013 The IBS Produktions GmbH took over control of the production facilities in Plauen.
2015 The company MNB will organize manufacturing according to the existing facilities and equipment, to apply existing potentials the best possible way.
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